Many business owners have the view that there are two alternatives for IT management, either use internal staff or contract IT services to an external provider.  There is however a third alternative that is becoming increasingly popular, namely Co-Managed IT services. 

Co-Managed IT is a popular offering among Spectrum Virtual’s customers combining internal IT dept resources with Spectrum Virtual’s support expertise to strengthen the team and present a win-win scenario.  This can give business owners the best of both worlds, supporting your internal IT Manager with an outside service team gives you a strategic partnership.

IT management and support is rarely a one-person role, and managing the complexity of networking, cybersecurity, backup, disaster recovery, cloud computing, VOIP, virtualization, application updates and end user support is a lot to expect from a small team. Together, your IT staff and co-managed service provider can offer both proactive and reactive IT management.

By working together, we can streamline your back-office IT functions. We can reduce inefficiencies across systems and speed up system performance improving network performance while improving security. We can provide advanced monitoring and guarantee the right experts are available when tough problems arise. Co-managed services also allow your IT person to accomplish much more with fewer staff members at a reduced cost.

We also provide a strong sounding board for internal IT teams when planning system updates or considering cloud migration alternatives.  With our rich experience helping customers across virtualization and cloud computing platforms we can help ensure a smooth migration to the cloud or plan an optimized internal solution.  We have the benefit of working with a range of businesses and have worked on technology solutions and digital transformations across a range of customers.

Whether planning a  Microsoft 365 migration, performing a cyber security risk assessments, penetration testing your infrastructure, developing disaster recovery plans or building a complete network from the ground up, you can take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.  We complement your internal IT team and provide a trusted partner for an efficient path to the future.



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