Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)

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As a Veeam Cloud Service Provider with many years of experience in Virtualization and building Cloud Infrastructure, Spectrum Virtual has the performance and capability to support your Business when it matters most.

As a VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V powered Cloud Service Provider, Spectrum Virtual can cost-effectively spin up your virtual machines from the Veeam backup using Veeam Instant Recovery or restoring the backups to faster reserved storage. Resources are consumed on a Pay-Per-Use basis or monthly subscription based on the performance and Recovery Time Objective you are looking for. Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Disaster Recovery as Service is offered in all Spectrum Datacenter environments.

More Than 40% of Businesses Don’t Bounce Back After a Natural Disaster

- U.S Department of Labor

Replicate your virtual machines (VMs) to the our cloud without the cost and complexity of maintaining your own Disaster Recovery site.

With Spectrum Virtual’s DRaaS, ensure that your business is protected from Disaster with:

Fast, Flexible Failover:

Easily switch production to standby VMs from a secure, mobile-friendly portal or your Veeam console. You are able to fail over specific VMs or an entire site with 1-click failover. Maintain failover plans in the cloud alongside standby VMs for quick recovery from even large-scale outages.

Streamlined Failback:

Switch production back to your restored data center, or new data center, with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users. Minimize network traffic by transferring just the deltas between VM images in preparation for failback. site.

Recovery Assurance:

Test failover of an entire site or a selection of virtual machines without affecting company production. Veeam also makes it easy to periodically fail over and run production at your DR site.

Seamless Integration:

Replication to the cloud is fully integrated into user interfaces and workflows. Point your replication jobs at a cloud host, and fail over as with any other replication target.

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