Virtual Datacenter as a Service

Eliminate the burden of maintaining a large number of individual desktops, ideally suited to organizations that wish to centralize management and control and acts as a platform for additional offerings for businesses, communities, local governments and healthcare providers. Desktop virtualization solutions consolidate ongoing management and streamline operating costs while improving access and business continuity.


The approach uses software based thin clients or dedicated thin client devices which cost less than the PCs they replace. The solution gives your end-users the same or better performance as a local PC with a rich end-user experience based on Citrix HDX, a mature and proven technology for optimizing virtual desktop experience and does so at an affordable price.  Instead of manually managing individual desktops, often with dissimilar configurations, Spectrum’s hosted VDI solution reduces costs and headaches by centrally managing templates.  Patching and updates are greatly simplified and the templates can be updated even while the desktops are in active use.

Deploying new desktops or new applications is now easy – simply provision additional virtual desktops or update the templates. There is nothing to install or customize on the end-points.

Virtual desktops also provide a powerful tool as a part of an overall disaster recovery solution, if a disaster strikes, then new virtual desktops can be activated and critical data held at Spectrum’s DR site will be instantly available to ensure continued operations and rapid recovery.


Benefits of Our Virtual Desktops:
  • Centralize desktop management and control
  • Windows & Linux desktops
  • Thin & Zero client access, iPAD, Android remote access
  • PCoIP, RemoteFX, RDP and Citrix HDX access provides best of breed capabilities
  • Dual monitors, full rich media experience
  • WAN optimization
  • Immediate ROI with our hosted VDI solutions

Learn how Spectrum's Daas can help your business

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